Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Unfortunately there is not one simple environmental solution but as Tiffany Treloar acknowledges it is about taking the right steps to find the best alternatives, sharing this knowledge, whilst still maintaining a successful business.

Steps taken to date:

Launched PROJECT 332, sustainable fashion
Environmental studio audit, to reduce Tiffany Treloar’s environmental impact
Employed an environmental consultant to review and recommend the best sustainable choices that are currently available to the Australian fashion industryContinue to increase the use of organic and sustainable fabrics into the Tiffany Treloar collection
Sourcing non harmful prints and dyes
Reduced garment-wash cycles – actively promoting hand wash garments
Introduction of a state hanger recycling program

1 comment:

  1. Non harmful prints and dyes - What comes under non harmful prints and dyes? Can you give me an idea?
    For eg: I thought indigo dyes are natural and hence they are not harmful. But i researched and found that when burnt they are carcinogenic. So if u take a denim plant, they use laser to burn the indigo to make the whiskers on the denims. The indigo fumes are very harmful. So are there any dyes which are not harmful at all?